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Solantic is a joint venture company owned by three of the world's leading corporate performance management (CPM) implementers; Taysols (Sydney, Australia), MindStream (Boston, USA), and Inplenion (Olten, Switzerland). Solantic was formed to provide support for global organizations by delivering round the clock managed services, implementation services, and CPM specific cloud hosting services that span the timezones and international boundaries found in large enterprises.

The Solantic name is an amalgamation of 'solution' and 'analytic', combining two cornerstones of Solantic's service offering. Solantic's logo features the Solan Goose, a great seabird that follows the Sun as it soars over the Atlantic on a wingspan of nearly 6ft. The Solan Goose represents Solantic's 24/7 follow-the-sun support and commitment to providing world-class managed services, implementations, and dedicated cloud hosting for organizations around the globe.

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